When in all the days I am happy and on cloud 9 because of my inner contentment or mood swings in short, I wonder of people especially my friends who are unhappy, worried, tensed or maybe depressed at the same time.

Is this okay to be happy when one of your dear friend is depressed?

Should I rather call him up and try to cheer him up rather than enjoying my current mood. While I know that there are full on chances that by the end of the call I myself might end up in a bad mood.

So what will be really the correct decision?

According to me, being said a friend by someone it’s my moral duty to console the one depressed and try to bring a change in his life. But at the very same time it’s my duty towards myself to not be influenced by the depressing thoughts that will come on my way by while consoling him.

I should not fear, about the change in my mirthful mood as I need to maintain a promise to myself too.

 After all how difficult it would be to fulfill two duties at a time?

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