Unhealthy Lifestyle among Youth

For a comfortable and long life, physical and mental well being is the most important thing. But it’s very surprising that the youth today does not care about this fact. The youth today is leading a very unfit lifestyle which results in them being prone to various diseases. According to a survey, 8 out 10 youngsters prefer staying indoors and have a lot of junk instead of home cooked healthy food.

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Not only the unhealthy eating habits contribute to the worsening of the situation but the distributed schedule of the youngsters adds fuel to the fire. It seems that gadgets and gizmos are their companions. Youngsters prefer being with their phones most of the time instead of spending their valuate time with their family. Also, due to long hours of sitting in front of mobile screens, their eyesight as well as sleep schedule gets affected. Often they fall in the trap of drug addiction and alcoholism due to peer pressure. Also due to these bad habits they are at high risk of being obese and many heart ailments.

Many a times, parents also encourage their children to stay indoors and feed them with delicious food. They spend a lot of money purchasing aerated drinks and junk food which in turn makes them lethargic, dull and thereby reduces their stamina and immunity. The unhealthy lifestyle makes them the victims  of depression, anxiety, etc. Youngsters today are allowed by their parents to celebrate at odd hours of the day. Without their knowing, gradually, their mental and emotional health gets affected. Such a person is a burden to the family, society and nation as a whole.

So, it is the high time that something must be done to ameliorate the situation. Awareness should be created about the harmful effects of junk food and the benefits of regular exercise, yoga, etc. Above all, youngsters themselves should realize that ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’.

‘Mental toughness is the key to success.’



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