Mother is the most important person in everyone’s lifetime. Mother loves her child more than everyone else does. Her level of forgiveness for her children is unmatchable. A mother sacrifices everything for her children. Her sacrifices are more than everyone else’s sacrifices. She even sacrifices her happiness for her children. No one else can care this way for their children as mothers do. The things taught by the mother to her children play important role in the child’s future. This decide how the child will be in future whether he or she will be a good person or a bad person. Mother and children connection is different than anyone else from the birth to any age. Mother understands what is there in the child’s mind even when their child is infant. They understand everything when the baby is hungry or he wants to sleep. Even in case of adults, mothers can understand when their child is hungry sad or angry by seeing their face. Mother’s also play an important role in the family. They are like backbone of family- the support system for everyone in their ups and downs. Everyone in the family can tell anything to mother without even thinking twice because of the trust everyone have on her. Mothers are the most forgiving person in the family she understands everything and forgives, this is because of their extremely forgiving nature.

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Mothers are the most precious gift from god or we can say that god cannot be every where that’s why he created mother. Without her, our life would be so hard and dull. This is why we should take care of this precious gift from god. We should always behave in a good way to our mothers and we should help and support our mother in every possible way because as we need her in our life she also needs us in her life. We should try to help her by doing some work which she does like cleaning utensils, dusting and other house hold work. This would make her feel happy and will definitely take some burden off her head and would also improve her health as she would also get some time to take rest. Another way to help her is to speak politely and gently to her. We should never shout on her. This makes her sad which is not good. We are her children. She is the one who gave us birth. She is the one who fed us when we could not even speak. One more way to support her is to speak words of affirmation. Mother’s heart is made of gold a few of acknowledgement would full her heart with happiness. We can do this in many ways like praising the meal she cooked for us or by the thanking her for small- small things she do for us or telling her how pretty and beautiful she is. We should do this on a regular basis.

Mother is the first teacher and guide of a child. She is the one who started school at home and became our first lovely teacher. She taught us how to speak, how to behave, how to walk and other precious lessons of life. She took care of us for 9 months in her womb. She gave us birth after bearing a lot of pain and struggle but in turn, she is also giving us love a lot of love and care whenever we need it. She is the one who brings light and happiness in our life by removing all the darkness and sadness from our life. There are some good qualities of mothers. Some of them are:

Responsible- being a mother brings a lot of responsibility for her from taking care of her child to taking care of her family as well. She becomes the backbone of the family. Taking care of all is the most important thing in her life.

Love- a mother always gives love to her family and children without expecting anything in return. She always love them selflessly in spite of their bad habits or anything else. Her love for her family and children always remain the same.

Supportive-  Mother are always supportive of her family and children. She stands with them in their ups and downs. No matter how hard the situation is, our mother will be always there with us.

Our mother is the best creation of god. She will always love us. There is no love in the world like our mother’s love. She guides us to the right path in the life she help us to achieve success in our life because this is everything that she wants. She wants her child to have a successful and a happy life. As a child, we should always try to make her happy and comfortable all the time. Most importantly, when she gets old then it’s our duty to give her all the care and love selflessly which she gave us when we were a child. Mother is the most important gem in everyone’s life. Without her, our life would so hard and incomplete. We should take care of her in every possible way. There is no one in this world like a mother.



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