After reading this title what arises in our mind is that what is addiction? Addiction is basically when a person can’t be over a thing or a person. There are various types of addictions.

The most common ones are smoking cigarettes, drinking, drugs etc. When we come to smoking, then it is the harmful addiction we are having today, smoking can cause cancer. Before the starting of every film, this advertisement is showed.

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When it comes to drinking, so this addiction is common mostly in the ages above 20. If we analyse the psychological angle of this addiction, then it could be unhappy circumstances in a person’s life. Like for example, if a person is sad by a death in his family he might make his step towards drinking to overcome his pain.

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Next type of addiction is drugs. This type of addiction is mostly common in teenagers, as they think that taste of the drugs is quite good. The drug addiction was quite common in Punjab and to showcase this problem a film has been made named “Udta  Punjab” which features Alia Bhatt, Shahid  Kapoor, Diljit Dosanth and  Kareena   Kapoor Khan in the lead roles .

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Next type of addiction is mobile addiction which I think all of us are addicted too. Too much mobile can cause damage to your brain and can also affect your nervous system. Mobile addiction is not good, it should be avoided at any stage.

Next type of addiction is social media addiction, which is a part of mobile addiction. Again, we all are addicted to it. Social media addiction can cause damage to your mental health and can even lead to horrific steps like suicide because due to social media, people usually think that the grass is greener on the other side while seeing the pics of others.

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There are some unusual kind of addictions in people like I had few people in my school who were addicted to the smell of whitener. Some people consume chalk and this is also, one of a weird kind of addiction.

Addictions are not all good for a person. It only destroys a person’s physical health but it also effects one’s mental health. It also stops a person from enjoying or living his life to the fullest as he is always focused on that addicted thing. There is porn addiction also among some people and it may be a step towards a heinous crime like “rape”. So, whatever kind of addiction it might be, it always destroy a person. That’s y addiction=destruction.



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