“Where words leave off, music begins.”                                                                                                        Heinrich Heine

Music is something which everyone enjoys. It soothes your mind and provides you peace. At the same time it refreshes you and lifts your mood. People pursue music as a hobby and profession.

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Music plays a very important role in everyone’s life. People dance on music when they are happy. Music acts as an escape when someone is going through pain or sad feeling like that. Music touches everyone’s life in one way or other. We find solace in music. Only listening to music lifts your mood.

It is the art form which has lasted for generations and is going to last forever. People express themselves through music. It is not only a source of entertainment but influences our life in other ways too. A lot of times we share our feelings and emotions through music. As we generation, send each other song through which we express our feelings or dance and sing.

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Music takes us to whole different words. One becomes more creative by listening to music. As we imagine scenario in our mind and try to understand the lyrics of the song. Music also enhances our concentration. You must have noticed that gyms always have motivational music playing in the background which boosts our energy and pushes us to more extremes.

Soft music without any lyrics is also beneficial in studying. it provides calmness to us. Music is something which can never be enough justified. It is always less however we talk about music. It is beyond once understanding. Music is just everyone’s partner. When everything seems wrong, just take the help of music and see the magic happen.



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