School life is one of the important and memorable memory of our life. It is mainly because of our school friends and and the environment we have in our school. It is the only time we can spend as much time as we can with our school friends have fun play games and study our favorite subjects.

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School life is one of the first stage when we enter public life. School helps us in building our future it also teaches us morals and virtues like perseverance, sincerity, truthfulness, School helps us in learning discipline as we have to be disciplined at places like library, play ground, class room and other places. We have to even wake up early and sleep early at our school time which also teaches us the importance of sleep and time. From walking in line following each-other to standing in rows at one hand distance all of these things teaches us discipline and patience. School is a place where we meet our teacher and make new friends this help us to learn how to to be social in life and how to adjust in new people we meet.

School life is like base of our life most of the things we learn from our school life helps us in our future. We spend one of the biggest time of our life in our school that’s why we have most of the best memories from our school time. In school we forget our sorrows and joys we play together, read together, sit together, eat together, laugh together at school time we have dreams in our mind which we try to make true as we grow like some students want to become a doctor while some want to become pilots. Students work hard to fulfill their dreams this starts from their school life. I used to study in a school called Holy Angels School, Rajender Nagar. It is run by catholic society. My school commences its classes at 7.30 AM we had 4 periods in the first half of the day in the morning and 4 classes after recess where we used to eat our lunch. The used to get over at 2.30 PM. We had classes from Monday to Saturday unlike other schools we did not had Saturday’s off. We had P.T period only once in a week as our school was an ICSE school the main focus of our school was on studies only.

At our school it was important to talk and speak in English only if we were caught talking in hindi we had to give fine for it. This was because our school was an English Medium school and most of the teachers were very strict. I used to took part in most of the activities in my school such as Sport Matches, Tournaments, Competition, Picnic etc. They help me creating some of the memories which I cannot forget. Some of the main function that used to happen in my school were annual day, teachers day, sports day, Christmas Function. They were celebrated in a grand manner which provided a lot of children opportunities to show their talents. The most importance was given to the studies. We used had classes daily on a regular basis. Our teachers used to call our parents if we were not performing well in out studies for the students who were weak in studies there were extra classes in which teachers used to call them and help them in clearing their doubts and teach them main-main parts of the chapters which helped them to pass in exams the eleven years which I spend in my school were the best years of my life. The collection of the memories I have from my school days brings smile on my face, even today. They continue to make me laugh even after so many years. My school made me prepared for my future life. My mistakes and failures helped me to learn how to be successful in life it is said that that a person always remembers the first and the last day of his school because he came there crying and left crying. The school days were the best days of my life.



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