There is no such exact definition which will make you a good leader. It depends on various qualities that one needs to have.  The successful leaders are those who respect others. His utmost priority is to satisfy the needs and wants of his followers.  Those who guide others with respect and dignity are the real leaders. As a leader, if you are unable to meet the needs and wants of others, you are disrespecting them. A leader has a vision. He has a plan, a plan to execute and monitor accordingly in order to get the results. The end goal of the leader is not what he wants but what his team members want. The best direction given by the leader will give the best results. The more he will motivate his members, the more they will work and would be considered productive for the organization.

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As a leader, you need to be patient. Not everything will come in just a second. You have to strive hard to accomplish your goal. If there is an issue, you need to face it. And find the appropriate solution to solve it. A leader needs to be prepared to shoulder the criticism. He should accept the failures and learn from it. A good leader is one who tries understanding the problem from other person’s perspective. He tries to fill the loopholes. Those who disrespect their employees and workers are disrespecting their organization. A good leader knows that everybody is different if one is unable to achieve the task, it doesn’t mean that he is not capable of doing anything. He might be good in some other field. A good leader tries to find the hidden potential inside the workers and motivates them to work even more harder to achieve their goals.

If you are willing to become a leader, then you need to become responsible as well. You need to become selfless. Your first priority should be to give the best to your team members. Try learning something new each day. If you are a leader, it doesn’t mean that you know everything. Nobody is perfect. Life is a learning process. At every stage, you will face the most toughest and complex situations. You need to deal with it. Learning is the best way to enhance your capabilities. Appreciate those who are around you, appreciate their work and inspire them to work harder as well smarter. Respect each and everyone around you, only then they will respect you.



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