Netiquette is defined as, “the correct or acceptable way of using the internet”, as per Oxford Dictionary. It facilitates social conventions. It is the set of guidelines or rules we follow while using internet.

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There are some rules which we must follow while using Internet:

  1. Don’t say things which you will not say in person
  2. Always proof-read before sending anything online
  3. Respect other people’s time and bandwidth. Don’t share information overload that real information gets lost in it.
  4. Respect people’s privacy and don’t make it a topic of discussion just for moment’s pleasure.
  5. Refrain from using abusive content.

They are the ethics that everyone should abide by online. As times are changing and communication is heavily online, we should always know dos and don’ts. You need to respect that everyone is tend to have opinion. We all are different individuals.

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They are not standard set by the internet policy. But these are etiquette that you should inhibit. No one is going to teach you right and wrong in cyber space. Harassing someone online can lend you in trouble as there are cyber cell which looks into these matters.



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