Practice what you preach

Do all the motivational speakers really preach what they teach? I as a content writer and a self-proclaimed expert in pep talks, will say that I don’t

Yes that’s true my job is to teach all the motivating and captivating things to my audience so that they can add some drops of positivity in their lives .I am also a person just like you, not experienced enough, and surely not motivated, as any one of you I also have a bucket full of regrets and the other one full of hopes trying to make a balance between the two.

For me saying something and implementing it in life are two different things. At every moment of life, I try to be a better version of myself. I too learn and repeat my own content in my mind and look forward to it. So we all are in this together, reading this and just trying out our maximum percent to implement.

If reading any of my blog gives you a seconds of smile and surrounds you with a minute of positivity then yeah I happy and content with my work.

Happy learning with me!

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