You only feel negative when you think about something constantly and starts giving your own opinion towards yourself like you are worthless and much more. What you think, you automatically become that kind of person. So it is better to divert your mind on something that gives you positive vibes. It is only you who can distract yourself from such negativity.  Everybody in this world face a lot of problems daily, it doesn’t mean that they quit to find happiness. A person can only become positive, when he will start taking everything around him lightly. If you weren’t able to crack the interview, it doesn’t mean you will keep on filling yourself with negativity. Thousands of opportunities would ultimately come again.

Whenever you feel negative, always try to find out something positive out of it. Negative thoughts will come, it depends on you that how you will manage it. Not everybody in this world cannot handle such thoughts. There are people who do meditation as well to get more peace and energy. Many people listen to their favorite songs to divert their mind. Everything in this world is not permanent. If you would face negative thoughts, then ultimately you would even get to know about lot more positive things as well. The thing is you need to find out what can make you happy. You will feel bad for most of the things in your life and you have to accept this reality. And it is only you who can even change it by changing your mindset.

All you can do is accepting your thoughts and simply flowing with it and knowing the depth of it as well. The more you will read it, the more you will get to know about your mindset. Try evaluating it, try to find appropriate solutions to it. You will find abundant of answers.

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