Goal setting is just a way of planning something in your mind, and then motivating yourself in order to achieve it. For this you need to have a strong mindset that whatever you are planning, you have to change it into reality. You need to execute the desired plan. Goal setting is basically finding a great way to achieve your goals. You need to be clear in your mind about your passion and interest. Whatever your heart wants, just do it. When you will listen to your heart, your brain will automatically work. You need to see the inner yourself. You have to listen to your inner soul and then take the decisions accordingly. There is no need to hurry. If anything is forcing you, ignore it and just listen to your heart. Just try to communicate with it. You will ultimately get your answers about what you want from your life.

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Goals in life are really important. If you don’t have a goal, then what are you living for? Goals give us a plan, it instructs our heart and soul to give a best shot. Setting goals is not easy, it takes time. You need to identify your strengths and accordingly set your goal. Everybody is not same. You don’t need to see what others are doing. See the inner you. Look at yourself and then you will get to know how much capable you are.

Let us take an example of goal setting. Imagine you have this biggest desire to scale Mount Everest. What will you do? You will make a plan. You will do every possible thing which can help you to achieve it. You will read every information related to it. Then you will even watch videos that how people scaled it and what kind of difficulties they faced. After gathering all such information related to it. You will finally execute your plan. The plan that is made by your heart not by your brain because your brain automatically instructs heart. If you are confident about your plan and strategies, you will definitely accomplish whatever you have desired. The most important thing in goal setting is forecasting about failing possibilities. Always prepare plan B as well. And if necessary than plan C too. There are chances of your failure as well. You have to think from both the sides. If you are willing to do it, then you have to keep this thing in your mind as well that you might fail as well. You have to accept it.

If you haven’t achieved the target, this doesn’t mean that you are not capable. Might be something else is waiting for you. You need to be patient. If success was that much easier, then everybody in this world would have tasted it. Why only few are able to taste it? Because they don’t give up. This is the most important part of goal setting. If you are willing to work hard then nobody in this world can beat you.



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