Mistakes are the stepping stone of our life. If we will not do mistake, then how we all will learn? If you want to progress in life, you need to find out the errors you did before. You have to evaluate yourself. If you will not learn from your mistakes, you will not grow. To grow in life you have to correct something incorrect. You have to find out the depth of the mistake that once you did. Failure is a part of life. Failures help you to see the inner potential that you haven’t seen so far. It helps us to get out of our comfort zone. If we will not take challenges, then how we will learn?

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Failures make us depressed and frustrated at the same time. We start judging our abilities. We need to find out that what went wrong before. Start from something fresh. Once you have failed, cry as much louder as you can and after that promise yourself from that very point that you will not cry again for this in future. You will improve yourself. You need to keep this thing in your mind that life is a game. Failure and success are a part of our life. We need to enjoy the process. Never ever regret for something in your life. Always feel blessed for whatever you have and whatever you have accomplished till now. Appreciate yourself after every small accomplishment. This will make you more positive and stronger from inside.

People will make fun of you, they will judge your abilities. If you will keep on crying on that one thing that happened few years back then how will you live peacefully? You cannot shut their mouth from words but definitely from actions. Start the same thing again from that point onward. Give your best shot and most importantly trust yourself. Nobody in this world will remain by your side forever, it is only you who will stand for yourself till the very end. Start loving yourself and appreciating yourself the way you are. You are different. You are unique. If that was your dark past, then strive hard to make your future bright. It is only you who can change impossible into possible. You just need to do is start trusting yourself. People will talk behind you, they will judge you. What you need to do is that focusing on your goal and doing ever possible thing to achieve it. Nobody is born successful. Your hard work, passion, dedication, perseverance, patience will decide how much successful you are. Always remember that!



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