We as a society are very judgmental. We just need a thing or two and then we form our opinions about them. People should not be judged because of their choices. There are things which might go right for them, which were wrong for you.

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We should not judge people. We never knew the effect our judgments have on people’s mental health. It is a human nature to be judgmental. But we should try to be as inclusive about people’s choices as we can be. Always be kind and respect everyone’s choices and opinions. We should also not judge others because we all are different in one way or other.

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One never knows the impact of judgments on others. Everyone has the right to do what they want and love to do. One doing a low-pay job, or wearing the type of clothes they want to wear, studying the course they want to study or anything else. We all are diverse in ourselves. We all have different opinions and emotions. We all have different priorities.

What fun would be the world, if we all are alike? Just think of yourself. We do not like when someone judges us for our choices. Then how can we do something which we don’t like?  You just have to do it. Think before you pass judgments on others. Would you like if someone does same to you?  Don’t say the things which you are not going to take. Always frame your sentences rightly.

Educate yourself about things. You’re not always right. Always be open to constructive criticism. It’s necessary. Otherwise, how will you grow and become a better person. To the one who is often judged, don’t take things to your hearts. They are not always said to hurt you, be open for opinions. We all are entitled to have opinions. Don’t destroy your mental health for anybody’s sake. You’re important.

I would like to conclude that, no one should be judged. Choose kindness over everything. Be inclusive.



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