Human being is that the most lovely creation of god. We tend to all born to be equal however our society has given higher position to males. In sacred text age women enjoyed an awfully respectable position within the society. However at the moment the condition of the women deteriorated and in eighteenth century women were the victims of many social evils like sati, purdah system, polygamy etc. Then with the assistance of social reforms like Swami Vivekananda, Raja Rammohan Roy and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan etc the condition of women somehow improved. However since this date women have not enjoyed an identical position to males. These social inequalities occur in villages, underdeveloped urban areas and small towns. The explanation behind this is often individual square measure illiterate and narrow-minded.  Equality for women is not a woman’s issue. Once girls fulfill their potential everyone edges.

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Gone are the days when girls were thought about no match for all powerful men in this world. The generation of women has proved it that men and women are equal. Indu Jain and Ekta Kapoor are some undefeated entrepreneurs of India. Avani chaturvedi is the first Indian women to fly a fighter jet solo. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and toil. Thus to boost the condition of women, she ought to prove herself to be glorious.

In India, the widest spread gender stereotype is that of a women as a housewife, cook, mother or a daughter who must be married off. In general, in almost all the societies, women face discrimination and have been given secondary status in the society their work is not valued, and they receive less wages than men for the same work. The most common questions asked by every woman are:

Why aren’t we treated equally?

Why are we kept away from opportunities?

Why are we always expected to sacrifice?

Just because that’s how women are supposed to be like?

Why are we entitled as fragile?

Bearing the unimaginable to mother a child.

We have been phoenix before and every time,

We burn to ashes, knowing how to rise and shine.

Why are we killed before our birth?

Only because some think,

We are not capable of this world.

The only one who creates is a WO-MAN

And a creator is always unparalleled.

Talking about feminism,

Feminism is not about freedom to have irresponsible fun,

But, it is about being more responsible.

It is not about releasing yourself from bonds of relations,

But to develop a mutual understanding and harmony in them.

It is not about liberty to speak cuss words,

But to abolish those women shaming words.

Feminism not just tells us about our RIGHTS,

But also our DUTIES.

Duty, not just to help ourselves but even the other women,

Also emerges and stands out of this male dominant society.

Not only making ourselves equivalent to them,

But proving ourselves better than them.



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