Life is a game, a game which you aren’t aware of. You don’t know what will happen on the very next moment. What you just need to do is keep playing it. Everybody around you is a player. To win, people will use you, they will bully you to move forward in this game. They will pull you down in front of others so that you lose your confidence. You have to be strong enough to fight with these people. Even the ones that are closer to you can use you and you won’t even get aware of it.

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That’s why life is so much adventurous. Every experience that you will gain will give you more appropriate analysis of various other things. You will get to know more about this world. You need to get ready with your weapons to defeat your enemies. Life will become as hard as a rock. You just need to keep pushing yourself as hard as you can. You have to fight with all the tough and complex challenges that you will find on your way.

Nobody in this world will fight for you. You have to win your own battle of life. You have to become stronger from inside .You are the one who can change something impossible into possible. Start trusting yourself and enjoy the flow.




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