Of course marks matter. But do they matter more than knowledge? Do they matter more than skill? Do they matter more than you? Are they the only criteria to judge somebody?? The answer to all these question is No. It doesn’t. Marks are only the eligibility criteria and not the “only criteria” to assess someone.

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The result for Class 10 and 12 are being declared in country and we everyday see newspaper and social media filled with the images and stories of toppers. They deserve all the appreciation and acknowledgment and no one is going to take that away from them. They have worked hard and have all right to enjoy the victory.

But we cannot ignore the fact there are large number of people who don’t get good marks according to the standards of society. The situation for them is surely depressing as everyone judges you and compares you for your marks. And who can forget the nosy relatives who come out during this result time only to mock someone.

No one knows the impact of all these things on the mind of the student who has scored less. It doesn’t mean that they have less skill and knowledge. Maybe they are more interested in sports and go on to excel in that field or an actor or anything else. May be they were not serious now about studies but go to do well in universities and professional career.

We cannot deny the fact that marks do play an important role and they do left a mark in everyone’s mind. Sometimes, students become de-motivated by fewer marks and they may never be able to do well professionally due to the dent left by marks not only on a mark sheet but on them mentally too.

We should not criticize someone for scoring less rather we should encourage them to work hard. These results are not the end but are beginning of real life. They should take care of and shouldn’t be compared with anyone. Everyone is good in their own way. We all have our own strength and weaknesses and they set us apart from everything. Students who have scored less should not let negative remarks affect them and should work hard and become a better and successful person. It’s never too late to start anything. All you need is a will power and dedication.



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