ANGER is Healthy

Anger is a common and a completely normal response to a situation in which, person finds difficult to react in a positive manner and the simplest solution seems to pique it out.

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While everyone out there says that anger is bad and one should avoid it, I personally feel that anger to a level where you are not hurting anyone through obnoxious words is good for your mental health. If you keep on accumulating stuff in your head and will not let that out it will make you even more depressed.

Anger to a certain level is good as once you let the agitation inside you out, then you can give a fresh start to the task, a fresh start to your mind and most importantly a fresh start to yourself.

You should know how to manage your anger, the goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger causes. We surely can’t get rid of the people who surround us, we have to deal with every type of person who annoys us what we can do is to just control our reactions towards them. Show your anger and just let that out, don’t carry the baggage with yourself.



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