Nowadays, we see a lot of people breaking up. Whether they are celebrities, someone we know and even we ourselves. I am not going to discuss the pros and cons of breakup. That is something which we all know.

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Breakup happens, because people tend to fall apart for one or another reason. It can be difference of personalities, lack of compatibility, different priorities or falling out of love, yes, this happens. Most of the times, I have seen people talking negatively about their ex and their past relationships.

It is alright to adjust to the change. As no one sees breakup coming or they tend to ignore the red flags. But it’s alright, people can fall apart. Not everyone we want in our life can be part of it. This is the harsh reality. But we need to accept this. We cannot live in delusional world for a long time. In no way I am saying that relationships don’t last these days. What I am trying to focus on is it is normal of people parting there ways.

Why don’t we respect people choices? I know it’s difficult to move away from someone, with whom you were closely related once. But why can’t we just remember the good times from past? Why we have to demean someone? Just for moment of pleasure. People don’t understand that why bitching about their ex, they are only disrespecting the relationship they have had.

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Always respect the person with whom you were once associated. One experience and learn so much from relationship. You don’t only get to know the other person but also get to know yourself. Always try to see the positivity in everything. Things will fall in place. Sometime, people are not meant to end up together. They just become a part of your life to teach you lesson and when their part is done they go away.

It is the journey which matters the most, not the destination. People can fall apart with dignity too. Not everything needs to get messier. It is us humans who have complicated the things. Always respect your past relationship and move away with dignity and respect for one another.



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