We all know that, HARDWORK is the key to SUCCESS but with hardwork we all also need one most important thing to gain success that is EXPERIENCE which is gained by a FAILURE. In short, failures are also important if you learn a lesson. Failures always give an opportunity to do better. They are the original stepping stones to success. Success also depends on the way of living. Many of the people are jealous of you and thus they try to convince you to change your way of living, but only your well – wishers motivate you to improve your character. Try to find the difference between these two yourself as per your aspect and you will be the most successful person in the world because success is not all about money, but also about your respect and care by your loved ones and also no hatred among people.

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Throughout life much of what we experience is based on the basis of what we have experienced in the past. Most people who do not get success feel bad about failure because it directly affects the image, which is made up in the mind of the people, around them. But try to take advantage of a failure by analyzing what you could have done differently and rest assured that you will never suffer the same failure again. We should learn from every mistake and with every failure. Without hard work nothing can happen. But it is not good to repeat the same mistake again and again.

To achieve success in life follow the following three steps:

  • Stop focusing on your weakness: Focusing on weakness will set you a downward spiral. It will lower your self-esteem, blur your vision, it might even turn your focus in the wrong direction. The truth is, you will never be perfect. You will always have weakness that will accompany you throughout your life. Should you completely forget about them? Absolutely not! One of the reasons people get stuck doing things they are not good at is because they focus too much on their weakness.
  • Understand your strengths: One of the side effects of focusing on weakness is a loss of perspective. Most the time weakness will block your view and cause you not to see your real strengths.
  • Be your own competition: If you study the top performers out there, you’ll notice that they one thing in common. They are maximizing their potential in the area of their focus. They are not trying to be everything to everybody. And they pretend to know it all. So why should you?

Think in terms of progress, not perfection. Life is about constant improvement. Take it easy, yet, challenge yourself. Compare your performance on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. When you need to compare, compare your performance with your own not others. Ask for help, it’s important to remember that nobody does anything great alone. What makes a difference is the caliber of people you surround yourself with.



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