Having a control on your actions both physically and mentally is very important. Controlling emotions nowhere say that we have to be emotionless.

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 It is a power which we gain from experiences which teaches us to be strong in every possible life situation. We should know the talent of getting less affected from words and deeds of others.

Our attitude towards things changes the whole perception, there are many possible ways to deal from a situation and the best way is to just let it go thinking that what’s gone is past and what is going to come will be much better than yesterday.

Everyday, every situation teaches you something, take that lesson seriously and never repeat the same mistakes again learn from past for a better and improvised tomorrow.

At last believe the plans god has made for you. Everything will be fine and you will have a stronger self at the end of the day.

Never let the new version of yourself die, because it has been updated after a lot of research.



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