“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”                                                                                                                                        Napoleon Hill

Procrastination is defined as delaying or postponing things. It might be started casually but then becomes a habit with time. And this habit is surely not good. One never knows what is going to happen tomorrow and in what state they are going to be in tomorrow. Things should better be done with time and not delayed.

Here are some reasons that why do people procrastinate:

  1. People who want everything perfect tends to delay their work. Perfectionism gets in their way. In order to achieve perfectionism, people do spend lot of time in planning and things like that. They importance should always be given to completing the task or work on time rather than completing it when the time is exceeded.
  2. When people are not given task of their interest they tend to postpone it further. When doesn’t enjoy what they are doing they delay it for sometime which is a human tendency. One should challenge themselves and do things which they might enjoy later on.
  3. Due to stress too people procrastinate. One should have positive outlook for everything and the work given with all their heart and dedication.
  4. People who underestimate time and think that they can do it in less time tend to procrastinate. One may be able to complete their work when started late but of course the quality is questionable in that scenario.
  5. People who live in the present and having no worry of future tend to delay their work. They focus more on the gains from present then gains from the future. Of course living in the moment is good thing. But one should think about their future too.

Hence, get motivated and start doing your work with full dedication. Split work into smaller parts and then do it. It will not only complete fast but will also be of good quality.

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