Self-improvement is a start to understand who you are and thinking about yourself from your own perspective. You need to understand that no matter what you show from outside, from inside only you know who you are and what are your interests and passion. You don’t need to show something to anybody which you are not. Because internally it will only hurt you as you will keep thinking about what you said. Start looking at yourself. Be yourself and try to improve yourself. Start from something small and achieve it. Nobody is perfect. You just need to improve yourself in certain areas where you are lacking. It will just require some patience and dedication. At the end you will definitely get your result. But don’t let your will power fade away. Stay calm and composed and try hard as well as smart in order to get better results.

Instead of pointing towards others that they are judging you or making fun of you. You need to ignore them and take it as challenge. Prove them wrong by working hard on yourself. Why people always feel like they are demotivated when others make fun of them? This is because they don’t have self-confidence. They don’t have guts to look at themselves. They feel frustrated to take actions. They only know how to talk big but when the time is for execution, then they are afraid. This is because they lack self-confidence. They don’t dare to take challenge. When you will start looking at your positive side, you will get to know how much capable you are. Instead of talking big, start focusing on yourself and work on your personality. Nothing will come in front of you within a second. You need to strive hard to achieve your goal. When you will excel in one field, ultimately your confidence will boost up. Then you will get to know that you can do anything. Because nothing in this universe is impossible.

To start, you need to change your mindset first. Make it clear in your mind that you are more than what you think. When you will think big, your confidence will start boosting up. You will then get out of your comfort zone and do something extraordinary. This is not the game of your body. This is the game of your mind. If you will win over it, you will then start to see change in yourself. There is a big misconception that you need to change people around you. This is not the truth. Change yourself and then see how this world will change. Always remember, you will only change when you will start looking at yourself instead of others. This is how you will improve!

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