Heya! To everyone reading this today I’m going to tell you about a very interesting series of CW channel also available on Netflix. I started watching this show last year after successful completion of my 12th boards. I seriously needed to watch something that can really freshen me up from all the exam pressure that was faced in back days. One of my closest friends suggested me to watch this show about high school kids solving variety of mysteries occurring in their small town of Riverdale. I was not really convinced by this description and that’s why just though to watch one episode and leave if I get bored.

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So with not much excitement I started the 1st episode of season 1 THE RIVER’S EDGE and it really blowed  up my mind , there was so much happening in the show like if I sum up the 1st episode in one paragraph that will be ” Riverdale reels from the tragic death of Jason Blossom, a high school student. New student Veronica Lodge arrives in town and Cheryl Blossom stirs up trouble among the others while keeping a few secrets of her own.”

Every character have something special in it have lies and dark secrets that gets revealed by time while you just keep on guessing and things happen in the most unusual ways. Also friendship values and family learning are given much importance in the show. They all become one when it comes to saving their town and follow the rule of “All for one and one for all” , and this really attracted me towards the show and I binged watched the entire show sum total of 58 episodes in only 4 weeks . This is kind of obsession that the aura of the show creates . The more you keep on watching the more you want it not to end.

The main characters Archie, Veronica, Jug head and Betty and the gems of the show. They have acted so well and portrayed the character in the most appropriate manner that is just worth watching. The bond these 4 friends have or the numerous gossips they share is just so much fun to watch.

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So I strongly recommend this very show to all the audience between 16 to 30 years, binge watch this one in this lockdown and be a part of Riverdale fan club with me.



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