Time and again we come across situations in which parents are being blamed for their children’s deeds. But are they really responsible for that?  Are they the one who influences their child to do something which is not right? Are they behind all of that? Should they be held guilty for that?

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When children are younger, everyone report to their parents regarding their behavior which makes sense as children don’t have that maturity. But when they grow up, are still parents responsible for their actions? A lot of times parents are blamed for their children’s deeds. If someone do anything wrong the first reaction is always “is it what your parents taught you?”, “you are just showcasing your upbringing” and many more statements like these.

Parents can only inculcate values and ethics in their children’s life. They cannot control their action. They can only taught good things to their children. Bringing them into force is children’s decision. No parents want their children to do something wrong. They always want good things for their children which is not a bad thing. All parents want their children to be successful in life.

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They too feel bad when their children do something wrong. The thing is they don’t say it out loud. Children are solely responsible for their deeds and there are no two thoughts about it. Parents should not be humiliated for that. They have no role to play in it. It’s high time we stop questioning someone’s upbringing which indirectly held their parents responsible for their actions.

The person who did something wrong should be held accountable and nobody else. Until and unless anyone’s parents have forced them to do something. The children are wrong if they do something bad. They should be questioned. There is no need to reach till someone’s family. We are not going to accomplish anything good out of hurting someone’s parents. Always keep yourself before questioning anyone else. We never like someone accusing our parents. So we should not do thing which we ourselves hate.



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