Teenage is the period when people go through lot of changes not only physically but mentally also. We experience a lot of firsts during this age. Everything fascinates during this phase. Love is one such emotion which we experience first time in teenage. Teenagers are not that mature emotionally and mentally to understand what love is as they are still developing and get acquainted with new emotions and feelings in this stage.

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Teenagers are very high on hormones. They sometimes term infatuation and attraction as love. That’s not their fault also as they experience it for the first time. They tend to be more happy and positive as they find this emotion. Teenagers learn a lot from all this. It is the first step towards understanding relationship and emotions associated with it.

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But sometime this love becomes a distraction. Teenagers were alien to this emotion till now. And when they experience it, it does get to their head sometimes. They lose their focus on studies. They get too involved with their boyfriend or girlfriend thus ruining the relationship with others.

They become distant from their parents and just invest all their time and emotions in one person only. It is not also their mistake. They are not that mature and don’t have that much experience to understand all these things. And if relationship doesn’t work out then they are not able to handle it maturely and do stupid things.

This do sometimes left a scar in their life. They either become strong or get carried away by their emotions. Hence, teenage love is a very important phase in everyone’s life.



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