Love is the purest emotion in the world. In love, nothing is right and wrong. Different people experience it in different manner. But we have made Love very mainstream. Love is not only about Man and Woman sharing a beautiful and close bond. It is much more than that. Love is above gender, boundaries, race, religion, etc.

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Love is an emotion which everyone has right to feel. No one should be looked down for the person they love or the way they love. We have love very perfect and romantic. It is not always perfect and everyone goes through their share of up and downs in their relationship.

Love is not all about a bond between Man and Woman. Every bond which we are afraid to lose can be termed as Love. The bond between mother-child is love. The bond between siblings is love. The bond with your friends is love. The bond with your significant other is love. The bond with our father is love. It’s high time we stop romanticizing it as an emotion.

Love is beyond race. No one should be judged for having relationship with someone from another race. We are all human being and we have every right to love the person they want. A man can love a man and a woman can love a woman. It’s beyond gender. People from different countries and religion can fall in love. It is a very beautiful emotion and should be put question mark on.

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Heart is what matters the most. We might have become more advanced and developed as a generation, but there is still stigma attached with this emotion. There is nothing wrong with anyone except from the people who judge and question other’s relationships.

By putting all this rules and regulations, we are only making it an unhealthy place for everybody. Everyone has right to love whoever they want.



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