Life is a long cycle which revolves around our desires and happiness. For some joys fulfillment of their materialistic desires and for few it is the happiness of others contentment of their soul. If we think deeply helping others who are in need satisfy us in some or the other way. It is the joy we get by doing small deeds.

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God has not made everybody the same and some are unique. The people who are disabled are especially abled who possess sixth sense. They feel the things we listen or see.

If we see a visually impaired person trying to cross the road and we help him it would give us immense joy and a feel that we have accomplished the real motive of being a human. A blessing given from heart never goes vain. A little deed of humanity can give great deal of happiness. Little things can add up to big joys.

Going back to the earlier chapters of my life I remember the three years of my life I spent with an especially abled girl. She was visually impaired and one of my class mate. I still remember those days when I used hold her hand and take her all around the school. Honestly speaking in the initial days, I felt why it was me, why I had to do this. But then I started enjoying her company. Walking with her in corridor holding her hand would give me immense joy and a feeling of contentment that god made me capable enough that I could help someone. I still feel that those three years of my life were the most joyful years and helped me to be a better person. I don’t feel any materialistic thing can give us that much happiness that you can get by helping someone in need. Sometimes a little thing you do gives happiness to someone and you as well. So never stop doing little things in life.



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