Though before the arrival of the media, communication already existed however solely inside restricted range. Once the media began to emerge, the face of communication dilated horizons of passing information to large audience. The media has exerted monumental influence on the folks that it has become part of their existence. Some people prefer to listen to radio, watch T.V. or read newspaper. Imagine that if there is no media, how would you know what is happening in the world? Without media, we would not have heard about Obama or other great peoples. How would we know about the policies or program of the government of the day without the media or we can say that how will government interact with people without the media.

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As an element of increasing importance in political life of every civil society, especially with the increasing democratization of nation’s policy, there is multiplicity of linkage between the media, society and its politics, their activities and influence taking from pre and post world war to this present era of communication technology, the media has proven to be important for mobilization.

The media currently square measure making awareness each for immediate atmosphere and out of the doors the planet. It is worthy to notice that media not solely produces awareness but also serves as a methods for expression of ideas. They are a social force to be reckoned with and a vehicle too and of mobilization.

However, the media plays a watch dog role in any society to stay police work on the government. It is major tool since the media works permanently relation between the rulers and therefore the dominated.

No matter how commendable a government considers its policies to be the connections of its activities have to be compelled  to be mobilized, gingered up for the accomplishment of national or social group aims and goals and this could hardly takes place without media.

It so suffices to mention that the media incorporates a special role to play in gender problem and conjointly in promoting or encouraging political participation. The media are not only covers the campaigns and provide unbiased information to the public but they have been assigned the job of interpreting the campaigns and living the political choices of state. The media also promotes gender equality among woman. They do this through media programs, organizing seminars and conferences.

Media performs agenda setting functions, which focus on media the idea that people desire media assistance in determining political reality. But not only focusing attention on certain issues but by placing much emphasis on them at the expense of other, the people come to know what to talk and think about.

Read everyday something no one is reading, Think everyday something no one would be silly enough to do, Always being a part of unanimity is bad for mind.”                                                                         Christopher Morley