I am very sure that this situation is well versed with everyone out there reading this. I am in a constant dilemma of following my heart or trusting the instinct of my mind.

There is no simplified answer to this, this can rather be termed as an unanswered and delayed question over centuries.

I am no great , I cannot provide you with the correct option as the answer lies in you, no one can think as you are thinking and same way no one can feel the same.

We need to be unbiased towards ourselves, ponder on the road map we are going to follow maybe that will conflict with mind or with heart sometimes, but we should give surety to ourselves that whatever decision we take, will be taken by us and not be influenced by others.

When we become owner of our choices then only we can succeed. This will also avoid any future regrets.

Flow your heart and respect your mind.

While heart is busy showing you the road, mind is working to remove the stones.

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