Sports and Games

Sports and games are very important part of our life. They help us to stay healthy and fit they help us to change or lifestyle from being unhealthy and boring to healthy and interesting they help us in doing physical as well as met the activities which makes our mind and body fit. They help us in character building.

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Sports and games help us to learn maintaining mental and physical fitness they help us to learn how to tackle different situations when we are stuck. They help us shape our body as well as our mind and makes them strong and active. They help us in giving strength and energy. The importance of sports for youth are they help them in physical and mental growth they teaches them good value like like group games teaches them unity and we should taking care of each-other and we should have each other back when they need our help. There are some extraordinary students in sports and games they get selected for national games and from there to international games which helps them in career growth as they then play sports as a career they start earning from them and earn a lot of fame nationally as well as globally. There are 2 different types sports physical sports and mind sports.

Physical Sports the different types of physical sports are Cricket, Football, Swimming, Dancing, Freestyle Wrestling, Basketball, Archery, Badminton etc. Physical sports require both mind as well as physical strength. Physical sports are more famous then mental sports that’s why they are played more than mental sports Famous Physical sports in India are Cricket, Freestyle Wrestling, Hockey and Athletics. Cricket is the most played game in our county’s we can find children and adults playing cricket at every part of the country cricket is sports that mainly requires a bat and a ball that’s why it is played by such a big amount of people as the requirement of equipment in this sport is very less than others this game consist two teams that include 11 players in each team. Cricket was invented in England. It is mostly famous in India and England. Some Famous Cricketer From India are Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kholi, M.S Dhoni. The other famous sports is freestyle wresting in India. It is mainly played in Haryana, Maharashtra and Punjab. It is said that Wrestling was originated in great Britain. Freestyle Wrestling is a famous sports worldwide. It is also played in the Asian as well as Olympic Games. Freestyle Wrestling require no equipment but at some places. It is necessary to wear head gear. Some famous wrestling personality from India are sushil kumar, yogeshwar dutt.

Mind Sports the different of mind sports are chess, card games, speed reading, and cyber security games. Chess is one of the most famous mind game played in India it. It was invented in India some of the famous chess personalities in India are Vishwanathan Anand and D Gukesh etc. There is  1 more famous branch sports which is known as E-Sports (Electronic Sports) Esports is played by millions of people online. Some of the famous esports games are CSGO, League Of Legends , PUBG etc esports games are the games which are played on PC man Other Gaming platforms like mobile xbox etc. Esports is growing rapidly worldwide. We should play physical sports more than mental sports as it helps us to stay fit in both the ways physically s well as mentally. But Excessive of anything is harmful so we should check or time and amount of physical and mental activities we are doing. And give our body and mind some rest. The benefits of playing different types of sports are it help us building self-confidence. Sports bring discipline in life it teaches us patience and values of dedication it teaches us how to handle failure in life. Studies show that students who play sports perform better in exams than those who don’t play Studies has also shown that a person who plays sports experiences less depression than those who don’t play. Sport and games are  important part of our life as they helps in increasing the quality and quantity of life as they helps us to stay fit. Everyone Should Play Sports on a regular basis.



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