Me WITHOUT social media

Heya! Have u seen my todays post I got 500 above likes and people are loving it, its about me when I went to Bali on a vacation with my family. I really enjoyed myself, and clicked lots of pictures so that I could post them on my page and now finally I have a bunch of fancy pictures.

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I have always been like this, wanting a validation from society was always on top of my priority list. The influence of social media was so much that sometimes or may be every time I go for creating memories but end up with hundreds of pictures and zero evocation.

On way back from Bali I was checking my phone doing some last minute edits when dad asked me to look at the soothing sunset from the window pane.

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That sunset was mesmerizing it was aesthetic and its rays were showing up on lake shining as bright as a diamond. The whole scene left me still for some time I was constantly gazing and was not able to get my eyes off, for a moment it felt like it was talking to me asking me some unanswered questions…

“Have you really accomplished the motto of this trip”

“Were you able to make enough memories”

“Have you given time to your family on this family trip”

And to my surprise the answer was a big NO

I was so busy in clicking and posting that I forgot to live the present and enjoy the true sense of life.

This is the major problem of our generation we have become so much socially active that physical presence also feels like an absence to our surroundings.

That day was like an alarming call to me saying me to just live for inner peace and for the ones who are genuinely loving and caring towards you and are just greedy for your time.

So lets pledge to live life king size and NOT screen size.



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