Classroom is a diverse place. Students from different background and cultures study together. Here are types of students you come across in a classroom:

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  1. The Topper ones

They are the ones which are usually found on front benches. They don’t waste their time in gossips and creating nuances. Rather, they can be spotted engrossed in their books all the time.

  1. The Sports Enthusiasts

They are the ones who are usually found in playgrounds. Though they bring lot of accolades but they are rarely seen in class.

  1. The “Love-birds”

They are the ones who are usually spotted together. They sit together and can be seen engrossed with each other all the time.

  1. The day-dreamers

They live in their own world. They don’t have interest in what’s going around them. They are found day-dreaming majority of times.

  1. The Ghost ones

They rarely come to School. The ones with low attendance and can be seen only when they are forced by school authority to come to school. At times, you don’t even know that they are in the same classroom as you or not.



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