You grow up when you learn to cry with open eyes and clear throat

You grow up when you know the inner person from the outer face

You grow up when you know what to share and what not

You grow up when you know that you are alone in the room full of familiar faces.

We are growing everyday, every new day is a new lesson which is worth learning. You grow in true sense when you think that there is a lot to learn, lot more to experience and a lot more to give.

We all play our parts but knowing exactly what is our part and duty is growth, knowing when to speak and when to just listen is growth, knowing others mindset from an intellectual conversation is growth.

We can never stop growing as it is an inevitable part of our life. Accept your lows and cherish your highs. Learn from people who demotivate you as they can prove to be real assets to you moreover adore the people who motivate you, as they can be confidence boosters for you.

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