The essence of life is that there is nothing wrong in doing anything. It is basically doing everything and anything that gives you reason of joy and happiness. People will come and go leaving their memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Some will come and will become so attached to you that it would be difficult for you to leave them. Some will come and will teach you various life lessons. Some will hurt you and what not. You need to keep moving forward and enjoy the process. This is what life is.

All the moments in your life is a lesson. There is something you will learn from it in one way or another. Each moment will touch you. Try to gather good experience in your heart and keep aside the bad ones and learn from it. Don’t regret about it. Everything around you is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Don’t lose the charm of important moments by not saying what you feel. Try to live your life with less regrets.

Life is really precious. You are the player in this world. You are the one who can change it. You are the one who can win this by living every moment. Do not burden yourself. Try to find everything around you exciting and adventurous. Appreciate yourself and the people who are closer to you. Always remember that there is only one life and you need to live the most of it.

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