Crying is an expression of feelings and emotions. It’s been so long that the stigma is attached with crying that people who cry are weak. It is not true in any sense and just a stereotype which is needed to be broken. It is just way people express themselves.

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Holding up emotions and not expressing them can have an adverse effect on one’s health. People feel their heart less heavy after crying and experience a sense of relief. We always tell the person crying to stop crying, which is not a solution. We are just refraining them from let go of their emotions.

The first reaction we give to someone who’s crying is not too cry. You never know what someone is going through and suppressing their emotion is not a right thing. No one becomes weak by crying or no one is weak who cry easily. Crying is not a measure of being strong or weak.

If one doesn’t releases their emotions and frustration then it disturbs their mental health and adds on to stress. Expressing emotions can never make one weak. We all have listened at one point or another that “boys don’t cry” or “girls are very emotional.” One need to get things off their heart and the best way is to cry, is to express them. If one doesn’t express themselves then all the emotions get bundled up and affects severely.

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One needs to understand that crying is a way of showing grief and sadness. We shouldn’t question the way someone expresses themselves. One doesn’t become weak or less of a human being by crying.

It is way of expressing feelings and emotions and should be seen in that way only. There is no need to complicate the simple human expression. There’s nothing wrong in crying. One should express them the way they want to and there should not be two thoughts about it.



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