When in all the times my mind goes round and I feel left out I overthink,

When a friend leaves my side and shows cold vibes I overthink,

When my wishes are not accomplished and others cherish I overthink,

When they make fake promises and run in circles I overthink,

When I am quiet and everyone is bright, I overthink,

I overthink because I overdo….

I have a great hobby of observing people, yes I’m not bragging about myself but when I see people running in circles of their everyday problems , PROBLEMS that are just made big and  bigger than they actually are. So if you ask me to think about why we make our small problems big the only answer I will give is because we overthink. In no way I’m saying that overthinking is bad but it is so general that we seriously don’t have a control over it even the person who says that I don’t care, CARES .

So how can we deal with this , because the more we  ponder on things and think about them the more worried we get. So the best way is to think about the bigger problems that the world is facing then automatically your problems and worries will seem to be smaller to you.

Think about the beautiful things life has given to you, as they say life is not always a perfect piece everyone have their own set of  problems and solving them every time is not so essential sometimes things are better when they are just left as they are.

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