Treatment Of Pakistani Players In IPL

      The treatment of Pakistani players in IPL baffles me. Let me take 2 examples. 1st Azhar Mahmood and 2nd Saeed Azmal.

Azhar Mahmood is a good allrounder. He even represented Pakistan in the 1999, 2003 and 2007 WCs. However he fell out of favour with the selectors after that, and decided to ply his trades in England instead. But hey, each English county side is allowed only 1 foreign player. And Azhar Mahmoodwasn’t good enough to be that one. So, he left Pakistan. Stayed in Britain. And got a British citizenship.

Then IPL came along. There was big money involved, and every cricketer wanted a piece of the pie. But sadly Pakistani players, the players belonging to the no. 1 ranked 20-20 side in the world, were not allowed. But then Azhar Mahmood is not a Pakistani. He is an Englishman. So he could play in IPL.

CSK vs KXIP in IPL-5
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Now consider someone like Saeed Ajmal. The guy is the no. 1 bowler in the shortest format of the game. Leave 20-20s, he has even won Pakistan many test matches. No county side would object in having him as an overseas player. In short, he’s proudly representing his country on the world stage. But unfortunately, he can’t be a part of the IPL as he still belongs to Pakistan.

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I have nothing against Azhar Mahmood. Maybe what he did was best for his career and his future.
It’s this fuck IPL logic that I fail to understand however.



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