Top Telugu Movies Every North Indian Must Watch

  1. Arya:

    A beautifully crafted love story with the concept of one side love story, Arya leaves you with tears by the time it ends.

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  2. Magadheera:

    Magadheera is a historical movie in Telugu cinema. With extraordinary visual effects, it is a technical extravaganza. The raw emotions, actions scenes lift it to another level

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  3. Bommarillu:

    A beautiful yet simple love story again with raw emotions. Siddarth plays a disciplined son who falls in love with this bubbly girl, Genelia. The climax scene will leave you spellbound.

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  4. Happy days:

    Another epic. Happy Days is a movie about 5 friends, their Engineering life, ragging, exams, placements, fun, friendship and relations. The totally inexperienced cast make sure you leave the theatre with a smile on your face. A movie every student can relate to.

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  5. Arya 2:

    A sequel to Arya, Arya 2 deals about love, friendship, sacrifices. Allu Arjun is seen in a new role opposite to heroism. A wonderful story and completely new.

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  6. Leader:

    A political background film which inspires you to become leader and shows the power of a common man.

    Leader Movie wallpapers for audio release photos
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