There are various assumptions about single child like they got all the privileges; they don’t have to work harder and the list goes on. Here are some things to which only single child can relate:

  1. Not everyone is spoiled

There is a universal thinking that all single children are spoiled. Yes, maybe they have more probability of being spoiled. Actually, there parents have to work harder to monitor that they are not getting spoiled.

  1. They are more mature

They don’t have companion growing up. They have more tendency of being mature as compared to other children of same age. As they grow up around their parents and their friends.

  1. They are not always lonely

Yes, they do spent a lot of time alone. But with course of time, they start enjoying their own company and don’t feel lonely all the time.

  1. They share close bond with their Parents

They are very close to their parents as they don’t have anyone else while growing up. Their parents are like their best friends.

  1. They have to prove that they are worthy

Yes, they have more pressure as compared to other children. Because, they have their parent’s expectations to live upto!

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