Scientific Facts That Could Be Related To Indian Mythology

  1. Nuclear Weapons

    Few excerpts in Mahabharat indicate the possible use of nuclear weapons in the war. The findings of green grass and radioactive substances has strengthen this case

  2. Cloning

    When Sita and Rama’s son “Lava” was lost, Valmiki produced “Kusha” from grass, which is analogous to cloning. Apparently again, the cloning he did was far more advanced than the cloning techniques of today and also birth of Kauravas can be considered similar to cloning

  3. Embryo transfer which led to the birth of Balarama

    When Kansa had killed six foetuses of Devaki and she got pregnant for the seventh time, transfer of foetus was arranged by Vishnu. He ordered Yogamaya to take out the foetus of Devaki and place it in the womb of Rohini, another wife of Vasudeva who then resided in the house of Nanda in Gokul.

  4. Rama Sethu built by Rama

    The technology which was used to float stones on water was used for Rama Sethu.

  5. Organ transplant

    The replacement of Lord Ganesha’s head with that of an elephant is an example of organ transplant

  6. Live telecast

    Dhirtarashtra was blind and wanted to know about the happenings of war. So Lord Krishna granted Sanjay the Divya Drishti, so that he could tell the happenings to Dhritarashtra.

  7. Time Travel

    There is a reference in Quran which tells about the time travel when speaking about the cave Al-Kahf

  8. Aircrafts

    The Vaimaanika shastras tell about the vimanaas which were used during the ancient period and are said to have used more advanced technology than now

  9. Successful brain surgery

    The recent archealogical findings of a skull which provided the evidence of Trephination, which is the technique used for brain surgeries have given indication of the existence of the technology in the olden days

But there is no evidence or explanation to what may have happened to this technology and science.



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