Reasons Why Ganguly Can Be The Best Option As Indian Coach

  1. Never say die attitude

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    Ganguly has earned the name for trusting the capabilities of his team mates and also never shied away from responsibilities. He took up the captaincy when Indian cricket was in severe problems and successfully led the side.

  2. Aggression

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    Indians were known for their soft spoken nature in the field even when the opposition was harsh to them. But with the advent of Ganguly, the entire atmosphere changed in the Indian dressing room and that was visible on their performance on the field

  3. Experience

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    He has the experience of leading the Indian side for over 5 years for 49 test matches. Under Ganguly’s captaincy only India started winning matches abroad. With India losing its last few series abroad, it is the right time for Ganguly to take over the ruins of an Indian coach to get back to winning ways.

  4. Impartial

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    During his tenure, Ganguly was termed as the impartial captain as well as non-parochial. With the criticism surrounding about favourites of few members being included in the team, this would bid good bye to such culture

  5. Helping Virat Kohli

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    The major advantage of having Ganguly as the coach is that he is the best player who could a player like Virat Kohli who has a lot of aggression. This aggression might sometimes be detrimental in his success as well as the team’s success. Who else can understand about aggression and how to control it better than Ganguly?

  6. Knowledge about Indian cricket team

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    Ganguly even after retirement has been actively involved in cricket as a commentator and also as an administrator for the Bengal cricket Association. He understands and knows about the past and current happenings in the Indian cricket team and its administration. He is probably the best one to take up the responsibility of an Indian Coach.



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