Must eat dishes of North east

  1. Iromba, Manipur
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    The major ingredients of Iromba are the fermented fish, Green leaves, mashed potato and red chillies. This dish is considered as the lifeline for the Manipuri dishes

  2. Ngari, Manipur
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    Ngari is also a fermented fish dish which is prepared extensively in Manipur and is considered as the must have delicacy when you visit Manipur

  3. Jadoh (Meghalaya)
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    Jados is the famous Khasi dish which is generally prepared by mixing with rice and pork and sometimes chicken and rice

  4. Tungrymbai
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    The dish is prepared by mixing with fermented soya beans and other spices. It is basically considered as chutney and is had by many people in Shillong and Meghalaya

  5. Til Pitha (Assam)
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    Til Pitha is a local dish of Assam. The dish can be had for breakfast and as well as snacks. Til Pitha is served in many varieties such as sweet, roasted with a hallow bamboo stem.

  6. Smoked pork
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    This spicy dish of Nagaland is a must try dish when you visit this palce. It is prepared with the spiciest chilli in the world. The pork is smoked with bamboo which increases the flavour and taste of the dish

  7. Awo Kutsu

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    Awo Kutsu is authentic dish of Nagaland which is prepared from the head of pig

  8. Muya Bai

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    This dish of Tripura is prepared with bamboo shoots, jack fruit, papaya and pork



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