India Might Soon Have 50 States. Let’s Have A Look At The Demand For New States Across The Country.

  1. Gorkhaland


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    The Darjeeling region is mostly rocked by strikes and protests since 1980s. The demand for new state has taken a boost since the congress government had announced the creation of Telangana.

  2. Uttar Pradesh split


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    There has growing demand for the creation of four states by dividing Uttar Pradesh. The proposed states are Awadh Pradesh, Poorvanchal, Bundelkhand and Pachimanchal

  3. Vidarbha


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    There has been demand for creation of Vidharbha state from Maharashtra

  4. Bodoland


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    The demand for creation of Bodoland from the western parts of Assam has been on a high.

  5. Karbi Anglong


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    The demand is comprised with the Karbi tribals living areas under Karbi Anglong an autonomous district in Assam, have also been pending with the Centre.

  6. Mithilanchal


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    There is demand for the state comprising of Mithila speaking people of Bihar and Jharkhand

  7. Saurashtra


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    There has been a demand for creation of Saurashtra from Gujarat state.

  8. Kongu Nadu


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    There is a demand for creation of Kongu Nadu comprising parts of southwest of Tamil Nadu, southeast of Karnataka and east of Kerala

  9. Coorg State


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    Demand for creating a Coorg state, comprising the Coorg region of Karnataka has also come to the Centre

  10. Kosal


    Kosal state comprising some districts of Odisha, parts of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

  11. Tulu nadu

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    Demand comprising a region on the border between Karnataka and Kerala

  12. Konkan

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    A demand for creation of Konkan, comprising Konkani speaking part of Western India along the Arabian Sea coastline has also been raised.

  13. Kamtapur

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    Demand for state comprising some districts West Bengal, including Cooch Behar and Jalpaiguri. Apart from these there are several other demands which are not vocal at this moment..



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