If Dexter Was Made In India Its Starcast Would Be

Well everyone loves Dexter Morgan — The Miami police department forensic expert, who moonlights as a serial killer. But have you ever wondered how the star cast would have looked like, had the TV series been made in India, and not Miami.
Well, we gave it our best shot. Based on the looks and the personality of the characters involved, this is the best fit we could come up with. No idea whether this line up would be able to recreate the magic of their American predecessors. One thing is for sure though; there will be a lot more emotion involved.

  1. Dexter Morgan – Arjun Rampal
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    Image Source
    Image Source
  2. Debra Morgan – Sushmita Sen
    download (5)Image Source /Image Source
  3. Sergeant Batista – Boman Irani
    download (2)Image Source Image Source
  4. Harry Morgan – Naseeruddin Shah
    download (4)Image Source Image Source
  5. Vince Masuka – Johnny lever
    download (1)Image Source Image Source
  6. Maria Laguerta – Konkona Sen
    download (7)Image Source Image Source
  7. Joseph Quinn – Ranbir Kapoor
    downloadImage Source Image Source
  8. Rita Bennett – Kareena Kapoor
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