We grow up listening to the phrase “Honesty is the best policy.” But is it always the best policy? The meaning of this phrase is that telling truth is always better than telling lies. But do really good things happen to honest people? This phrase may or may not hold true in situations.

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It is good to have no filters and being one’s true self. One doesn’t of course have much regrets when they are honest. Honest people don’t have many complications in their relationships and are sincere and of good character. They are confident with their thoughts and ethics. Honesty surely is great attribute of Human Beings.

In today’s world, when we are judged at every point and for every move, being honest may not always proves to be good for us. It sometimes brings lot of negativity in our life because not always the other person is going to appreciate one’s honesty. Because we perceive things as per our convenience, if honest opinions are in our favor then we appreciate it otherwise they are discarded. Not always people are open for honesty they just accepts it if it is their favor or for their own good.

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Of course, being honest doesn’t mean that the person is always right. It is just about being truthful for their thought and opinions. A lot of time honesty brought troubles for the one being honest. They are judged, looked down and humiliated for honesty. Sometimes, being truthful is not enough. There are situations when honesty can infuse arguments, disagreements and conflicts and create a negative environment.

Sometimes, people in the name of honesty are being mean and release their frustration, which is not the essence of it. We have to keep quiet or tell lies sometimes to not spoil the moment or relationship and atmosphere. We have to keep in mind the person standing before us and know that they might not be ready for honesty. For not hurting somebody, we have to take the road of dishonesty sometimes.

If the dishonesty is not causing any harm to somebody, we can implement it. But we should not make it a habit and inculcate it in our character. One should always keep in mind the person standing before us and their mindset before saying anything. Honesty will always be best but one should be clear with this attribute and not mix it with being mean or saying anything which doesn’t even make sense.



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