Has AAP Lived Up To The Expectations?? Here’s The List Of Accomplishments #100daysofkejriwal

After returning to power with a thumping majority, it hasn’t been an honeymoon for the AAP government. As it reaches the 100-day mark in government, internal feuds and external controversies have put the party on back-foot. Let’s see what AAP has achieved

  1. Free water and reduced electricity bill

    It will be unfair to say that the AAP government did not deliver on the promises it made. It did. And fast. Just a week after coming into power, Delhi government announced 20,000 litres of free water for each household every month. Families who use less than 400 units of power per month were granted a 50% discount on the bills.

  2. Anti-corruption helpline 1031

    Fighting against corruption is a core agenda for the party. The anti-corruption helpline no- 1031 was launched, and citizens were asked to register their complains and submit sting footage, if a someone asked for a bribe. The government has arrested 35 officers and suspended 154 officers for allegedly involving in corruption

  3. Women safety

    Women safety was one of their major election manifesto and it seems that the Kejriwal government is determined to implement steps to ensure women safety in the capital. Bus marshals have been recruited and their training is under process

  4. Price control

    To control the prices in summer, the government has decided to purchase 100 tonnes of potatoes and onions from other states through NAFED

  5. End of VIP culture

    As promised, none of the ministers nor the MLAs of AAP are seen using the red beacon on their vehicles. Thus ending the VIP culture which caused inconvenience earlier

  6. Making Delhi a WiFi city

    As promised, efforts are being made to make Delhi the WiFi city. The government has said that the project would be completed by the end of feb’2016

  7. Pension

    The government has so far verified over 50,000 elderly citizens to provide them with a pension

  8. Regularisation of unauthorised colonies

    The government has initiated the process of regularisation of around 1600 unauthorised colonies and has also requested the central government for an additional support in terms of funding

  9. Hassle free education

    The government has served notices to over 200 privately own schools for charging exorbitant fees and has made clear that they should not demand donations and capitation fees

  10. Nutritious food for students

    The government has decided to provide fruits for the students studying in the anganwadis along with the free mid day meals

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