Families are an integral part of one’s life. It does not matter if you have a small or big family, as long as you have one. A family serves as the first school to the child where one learns about various things. The basic knowledge about one’s culture and identity comes from their family only.

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When one thinks of family, the first meaning that comes to the mind is: “Family is a group of people that consists of parents, children and their relatives.”

Of course, every person defines family differently. However, the difference is only in the words used, but the core significance remains the same. Family is the most important thing that one has in life, because it influences children who are the future of the world, it is the only thing one can rely on, and it is what consists society.

In the meaning of household, it indicates a group of individuals living under one roof and under one head.  Nowadays, family consists of only people who are of common ancestry: either parents or relatives.

Families are a blessing not everyone is fortunate enough to have. However, some do not realize its importance. Families are essential as they help in our growth. They develop us into becoming a complete person with an individual identity. Moreover, they give us a sense of security and a safe environment to flourish in.

The first person one turns to in trouble, pain or even joy and happiness is the family. Whatever the problem is, parents are always there for their children. People feel safe within their families where they find love, care and understanding. One would never be betrayed by his family, no matter what his social status is.

Whether a person is rich or poor, sick or healthy, happy or miserable, his family will never give up on him.Families are the only ones who believe in you when the whole world doubts you. Similarly, when you are down and out, they are the first ones to cheer you up.

What a gift…! Riches come and go. Health fades. Popularity is fickle. But family – true family, who loves you despite your flaws, mistakes, and mess-ups, they are there for you always. Loving you more, wanting more for you, and being kind and honest when you truly need to hear it. No gift in life can quite compare to that kind of solidarity and heartfelt support.



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