Life is a beautiful piece of art and the best gift of god , I have heard this line  many a times, but then also this never helps me to console my soul, when I am at my bad or  wishing the world to end at the back of my mind .

I curse all the ones who affected me, and led me into a situation when I am not even capable to think straight, many a times an unforeseen though of ending things for forever too comes. And this is very general and imbibed in human nature that whenever we feel lonely we tend to take actions that will not even give us a second chance ,a chance to regret the  actions , a chance to start all over again or a chance to just sit back 10 years from now and think how stupid I was!

Why life is offering blessing to others and condemnation in my basket. Why life is easy for others and difficult for me. Why things always get worse whenever I try to simplify, these are the common thoughts that go round and round.

When everything seems ugly, when life forces you to leave, when you can’t take it anymore.

Just remember that you are capable, capable enough to climb mountains of sorrow and most importantly capable enough to heal yourself on your own.

You have a bunch of wonderful people who do care for you, praise you, cherish your ups and hold you when you are down.

For once just try to smile again looking at the positivity, try to feel powerful because when you are at your high, your sorrows and struggles are at their low.

The stronger you are, the more weaker they become.

So embrace the beautiful mess you are and always believe in your power.

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