Celebrities Who Are Down To Earth Even After Achieving Star Status

1. RajiniKanth

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The Indian super star who is known for his style and mannerism in the movies is probably one of the down to earth persons you can ever find. He has earned a lot money and fame but he has put them away and has remained down to earth over the years.

2. APJ Abdul Kalamabdul kalam

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The former Indian president and scientist who is known is popularly known as the “Missile Man of India” has shown to the world that despite his achievements in life he still remains the same who is simple and down to earth in nature. He is currently serving as a visiting faculty in institutes like IIM Shillong, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore and other institutes

3. Sachin Tendulkarsachinngo

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The Indian batting maestro popularly known as Master blaster and God of Cricket has achieved something extra ordinary in cricket that people cannot even dare to dream of achieving them. He has carried the burden of the Indian cricket team and the cricket crazy fans of the country over the past 22 years for his cricketing career. In spite of all these achievements, he is still approachable to any of the juniors players who need help from him.

4. Rahul Dravid

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Another legend of the Indian cricket is Rahul Dravid. All through his entire career he was always down to earth and accepted all the responsibilities bestowed on him without a single complaint. He was truly a team man and is popularly called as “The Wall”.

5. Pawan Kalyan

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The telugu film actor who enjoys a huge following in his state is Pawan Kalyan. He is known for his humble nature and good deeds both on screen and off screen. The way he speaks to anyone irrespective of their stature takes many by surprise. He also never tried to misuse the huge following and power of his elder brother Chiranjeevi in his entire career.

6. A.R.Rahman

A.R. Rahman
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The Oscar winning music director from India is popularly known as “Mozart of Madras”. His music style has the genres which include Carnatic, western, Hindustani classical and Qawwali music. He has won many international accolades such as Grammy Awards, National film award and many others. In spite of all these achievements he still remains the same simple A.R. Rahman.

7. S ShankarShankar

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The film director from south India is probably the only director to have made only hit movies so far. He has directed many films like Nayak, Kadhal, Enthiran (Robot). He has also won many awards including the CNN IBN Indian of the year award, Filmfare awards, Vijay awards and many other awards.

8. Akshay Kumar

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The Bollywood star who entered the industry without any backing from so called god fathers has proved his capabilities as an actor and has attained the star status today. He is undoubtedly one of the simple and humble stars of Bollywood.

9. Mary Kom

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The Indian boxing queen has won many laurels for the country. Her simplicity and humble nature is as famous as her boxing punches in the ring. She is the mother of two children and that had not stopped her from achieving what she wanted to. She is the first Indian women to win an Olympic medal in boxing.

10.Manik Sarkar

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Manik Sarkar is the Chief Minister of Tripura State from 1998. He is in the fourth consecutive term as the CM. He is the only CM in India who does not own a car or a house. He donated his entire salary to his party’s fund and in return gets 5000/- as subsistence allowance.



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