I can be IGNORANT too!

In today’s society with every individual having a strong voices and opinions on things I think a bit different sometimes having no say in things that does not interest you is completely fine.

Youth nowadays is so credence on matters such as political shambles and celebrity world that if one choose to be quiet they are stated as dunderhead and cowards. Which is wrong according to my sense of knowledge.

Until and unless its part of your work to be aware of something it should be your choice to talk about things or not. One may have a keen interest in movies and can talk hours on it while other may have a deep knowledge of politics which might not heed the other one. Both are veracious of their opinions and should respect each other.

So I would like to conclude by saying that it’s your choice to have views on something or not, do things that interest you and not others. Be considerate of others viewpoint and prefer to be ignorant rather than making implausible statements.

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